Suggestion for future update: Mindmapping + nesting

For some of my decks I use anki to organize learning/knowledge. This means a lot of decks are nested in other decks (makes it very hard to transfer to another computer).

So is it possible to:

A) Support extreme nesting (i.e. make it easier to transfer decks when needed).
B) Use this nesting of knowledge within decks to make a mindmap.

This mindmap would allow one to visualise your various decks easily and concentrate on what you need to study.

Have you tried hierarchical tag in place of hierarchical deck?


Yes, tags are really the way to go.


Have you tried the Mindmap from hierarchical tags add-on? (I’m the author)

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I still haven’t. I tried getting it on but I see there is another part to complete before using it. Will have to get round to figuring it out.

If you have problems with installing graphviz I can help you with that.