Suggest creating a copy and then returning directly to the original interface

When we select “Create a copy” from the “More” option in the review interface, it will redirect to the editing window. After clicking the “Add” button, the copy has already been added, but it will still remain in the blank window for adding notes.

I think this is unreasonable.


First, the action of creating a copy has already ended, so it should go back to where it came from. Since it was a jump from the review window, the next task is obviously to continue reviewing. However, currently, in order to continue reviewing, you still need to manually close the window for adding notes.

Secondly, after creating a copy, the content in the note-taking window that is retained is blank, which means that if the user wants to continue editing, they need to add content themselves. This clearly does not align with the purpose of creating a copy.

I hope to optimize it so that after creating a copy and adding notes, the current note-adding window will automatically close and return to the review window.

Anki has no such feature - it sounds like you’re using an add-on.

I meaned here

My apologies - I’d forgotten we’d added that at one point.

Is it really such an inconvenience to hit ctrl+enter to add the card, then esc to close the dialog? Hiding it automatically would mean users couldn’t take advantage of pinned fields if they happened to want to add multiple notes based on the existing one.

I understand what you mean.

However, if using Sticky to retain the previous input, for basic template, it means that the user needs to click the Sticky button twice to preserve the content.

Additionally, it has been previously mentioned that once the button is selected, it will be remembered, so the user will have to click twice to cancel it after use.

This means that in order to reuse it once again, the user would have to click four times. This is far less convenient than returning to the review interface and rebuilding a copy.

Furthermore, it is also necessary to consider whether the user frequently uses a single copy or multiple copies. If it is the former, there is even less need to stay in the editing window.

Suggestion: If we can set buried automatically for those cards created from “Create a Copy”, because they actually are sublings.

Anki does not have a feature to link/bury cards that belong to separate notes.