Study cards drop from 75 to 12

I have been using Anki for some time. I have about 550 cards in my current study. About two weeks ago I added another 25 cards. My daily study hit about 75 cards maybe a little more. As my study date is closing in I created a study deck with memory turned off. I included all cards in all decks and set the limit to 500. I did not open the deck. The next day my study card count dropped to 45 and then to 8 and now it’s staying at about 10 per day. I know this may be a function of the program and it seems odd since I placed 25 new cards in the deck two weeks ago. I am trying to figure out how to know if this is normal study progression or there is a bug. With 500+ cards in my deck it seems like it should be more daily. I am using several decks based on topics and they are all under one heading so the cards are mixed as I study. So I want to know how to check this to make sure the program is working properly. Thanks for any help on this.

My mistake in the post is that I used the word study deck when I should have used filtered deck. When a filtered deck is used, the cards are taken out of play for the regular sessions using the original decks. This is a downside of filtered deck. I will not be using filtered decks again unless they are temporary and deleted by the next morning in time for Anki to reset and add cards that are supposed to be studied that day.

You can continue using filtered decks, just make sure to not use the reschedule option, and clicking on the empty button when you have finished (this won’t delete the filtered deck, but the card will return to their original decks)


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