Straight Reward [Official support]

This is the official support thread for the add-on Straight Reward. If you have any questions, or suggestions, you can leave them here.

If you’re familiar with GitHub, you can also leave an issue in the official repository instead.


Hello, first I would like to thank you about all the work that you made for this magnificent add - on. I just would like to know something, I’m just a normal guy studying languages and study as well, but I don’t understand which settings should I set to use your add - on. As a creator, I think you probably know the best way to use it, so how should I configure this add - on according to you ?

@yenK Currently I mostly use the following settings:

Begin at straight of length: 2
Base Reward: 5%
Step Reward: 5%
Start at ease: 130%
Stop at ease: 250%

This means to recover the ease from clicking Hard, it will take pressing Good 3 times, and to recover from a Fail it will take pressing Good 4 times.

Thank so much ! I just had a last question : does your Addon work even if we’re using anki on our mobile ? By the way I don’t use Anki via the App Store but on Google (AnkiWeb). Thanks !


The sync hook increases the ease of cards during syncing.
Applies when you do reviews on another platform (e.g. AnkiMobile, AnkiDroid or AnkiWeb) and sync those back to Desktop Anki.

Note, that if you’re using AnkiDesktop on multiple computers, that you should only install Straight Rewards on one of them (the computer you use the most).

If I review ahead by 1 day, creating a custom deck, it rewards straight rewards when I’m on desktop. But if I complete the same custom deck on mobile, it does not reward straight rewards to the synced cards. I tried it by trying it on desktop (noticing it rewards), then undoing, then trying on mobile, completeing, syncing, then syncing on desktop.

It works as intended when doing normal non-review-ahead on mobile and then syncing. Why is that?

Which behavior would you say is the correct behavior, rewarding on desktop, or not rewarding on mobile? As there are two different algorithms for the sides, there might be difference in implementation.

With cards being done on mobile, I thought the sync hook would reward them when being synced back to the desktop. Is it normal for review ahead to not be rewarded when done on mobile and then synced to desktop? Because review ahead gets rewarded when done on desktop.

Hey, to prevent ease hell I was using the strategy listed here , however, I would like to change my settings and start using Straight Reward instead, but how should I do it? Should I reset the ease of all my cards (131%) and the interval modifier (191%) to default values before installing the add-on? If so, what are the default values? Thanks in advance!

If you feel the ease has been decreased unfairly, you could reset it, but otherwise, I’d leave it.

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The thing is, it was manually decreased, I used an add-on to change the ease of all cards to 131%, this way they couldn’t go lower and ease would simply cease to exist.

Oh I see, in that case it makes sense to revert them to a neutral state of 250% ease, and also change decrease the interval modifier somewhat.

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Thanks, I’ll do that :slight_smile:

Hey, I am new to Anki so I’m sorry if this has been covered already. I am using Anki on two desktops and one mobile device – 1 mac, 1 windows pc, and 1 iphone. I read that there is a risk to using this add-on incorrectly if using multiple desktops. would it be sufficient to set one of my desktops to the recommended settings here and the other one to a value of 0 “begin at straight of length”? or do i need to uninstall the add on completely from one desktop? I already have it on both because of the ankipalace butler.

It does not make sense to set it to 0 on one computer, because that setting is synced. However you can also find a setting in the main Anki settings, do disable it for the profile (profile settings are not synced).

Does Straight Reward work with 2.1.46?

Hey hengiesel, do you happen to know if this addon is compatible with the new v3 scheduler?

Or would it be best not to use the two together? On the docs for the scheduler it says:

The new scheduler is a ground-up rewrite, so add-ons that modified the old scheduler’s card gathering or answering routines will no longer work. It is no longer possible to selectively replace parts of the scheduler’s code (“monkey patching”), so some add-ons may not be practical to port without significant effort.

So I’m wondering if it affects this addon.

I’m on 2.1.47 and I don’t think it works anymore. The notif pops up but the ease of the cards isn’t changing. Please advise @hengiesel

Are you using the V3 scheduler?

Yes I am.