Feature request: autosync option in settings

Hello, I hope this finds you well.

Please could you provide users with options in Anki’s settings to allow them to make Anki automatically sync after a card has been updated (including reviews that would alter the time until it is next shown etc) and at regular intervals, once they have set up AnkiWeb syncing?

This would make it a lot easier to maintain consistency between different devices when using Anki by removing the need to manually sync data.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

If I had to guess, it is because that would be too much unnecessary load on the servers for what is a free-of-charge service run by one person (the dev).


Maybe based on a timer with a granularity of 10 minutes between steps. So far hitting the sync button on both desktop and iOS is fine for me.

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Just imagine having to wait a couple of seconds after each review. Do you really want this?

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To be fair, most iCloud apps do sync in the background so the sync does not tax the UI thread (or should not, some programmers do a bad job with a huge amount of notifications firing). However due to the sync protocol in Anki today the sync has to be sequential with no transactions happening while sync.

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Yeah, that’s probably true. Maybe a timer at a regular interval and when closing would be better then.

Why would that be needed? I don’t think anything would need to be shown in the UI: it could just run in the background.