Anki auto sync on IOS/IPADOS

Once an admin said that you are going to change the sync protocol before 2023 ends to make ios/ipados auto sync possible. Is it still valid? Could you inform us the timeline at least roughly ?

I have paid a lot for this app but i am not using it because of this auto sync inability. Since anki earns income mainly from the ios app they should provide more support for the ios users.

I don’t recall a date ever being given for the introduction of this feature. One of the last statements on the subject was this: Is there an autosync upcoming on iPad/iPhone? - #2 by dae

Hitting the sync button is quite an easy habit to build :wink:

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Sales of AnkiMobile finance development, and a lot of that development goes into things that benefit the entire Anki ecosystem, AnkiMobile included. For example, I’ve spent a considerable number of hours in the last year trying to help AnkiDroid get to the point where they can start using the desktop’s shared backend in earnest. Once that happens, we will finally be able to start making changes with greater velocity, as we will no longer need to wait for AnkiDroid to catch up (such as the “2021 scheduler” not being able to become the default until 2 years later due to the confusion it would cause to AnkiDroid users who couldn’t use it). In recent weeks I’ve also been more involved in helping get FSRS to a state where it can be integrated and trained directly in Anki, which will benefit everyone who is not satisfied with the default scheduler, especially mobile users where add-ons can not be used.

Syncing improvements haven’t been forgotten about, but I’m afraid larger changes to syncing will need to wait a bit longer until there are less other things going on.


Do you know how Notability, PDF expert etc work. These apps continuously sync updated data and they don’t wait until all the works to finish before syncing happens.

Therefore they don’t have an issue with synchronization although Apple echo system quickly kill the app after leaving.

If I make a card or review a card it should be synced in real-time.

Is their any difficulty with real time synchronization in anki ios ? @dae

I see little point in pushing this issue when it has already been stated that changes in synchronisation are planned, but the available resources and current tasks do not allow this at the moment. Also, there is no point in comparing different products. The examples mentioned are all on Apple platforms, while Anki also works on Windows, Linux and Android. This means that iCloud is not available as a synchronisation option. In the end, it is also about human resources: Readdle (PDF Expert) has several hundred employees, Ginger Labs (Notability) several dozen. Not so Anki (but maybe I missed the opening of its prestigious Bay Area headquarters :wink: ).

I didn’t mean to use iCloud for synchronization. However iCloud sync can be presented as an alternative method exclusively for Apple users (iphone, ipad, mac).

iCloud is not practical - it would either require uploading/downloading your entire collection each time you synced (slow and bandwidth consuming), or it would require rewriting Anki’s data model to work with iCloud, which isn’t really possible, as Anki needs to work on more than just Apple devices.

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Is their any difficulty with real time synchronization in anki ios ?

When is this update supposed to be released ?
I’ve tried fsrs on Anki mobile but failed to use it.
Really excited about the update

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They are busy with other important updates in mac, windows and android although you have paid 25$. Seems it will be available in 2025. :sweat_smile:

I dunno what the devs are planning for Anki but it seems to me that they should focus on Anki mobile more as it’s a paid app. Although anki seems not be made for earning money but I think they should prioritise Anki mobile users as they’ve paid

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you are such an ungrateful human being.

Its been 3 years since this feature has been requested. How would I be grateful about it after paying 25 $ and still don’t have a basic feature like autosync ??? If you don’t need it better not to look into other people’s problems.

That’s the point.

I think it is about time to close this topic. The points of view have been exchanged and it is unlikely that recurrent references to a purchase made years ago will advance the development of the desired feature.


I guess the list of feature requests is extremely long. But the world ain’t spinning around you son. There are more important changes that have to be done first. And honestly: why the heck would anyone need autosync. In your world it may make perfect sense to prioritize this. But obviously you don’t have a sufficient overview about all the projects.

I referred the purchase not only for me, it’s also for the future buyers who are willing to enjoy the autosync future. I feel sorry for all the ios users.

As one of the developers told that this is not a priority i will not request it again.

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