Is Auto Sync A possibility

I was wondering if auto sync could be implemented into the anki app. Is that possible? Whether it’d be opening the app or after you finish cards, etc.


There are some technical issues that make this tricky at the moment, but it is a possibility for the future.

I’d really like this as a feature. Coming from Android and Desktop, I keep forgetting to sync because I’m assuming it’s happened automatically.


On iOS apps are only allowed to run in the background for a short amount of time before the system kills them off, and Anki’s current sync protocol has to redo all the work if it is terminated abruptly. The best way to solve this will be changes to the sync protocol, which I hope to get to later this year.



Until then could you give us a prompt after finishing all the cards? Or do an auto sync when finishing all cards (or actually it could even be done after finishing a single card). It doesn’t take much resources to sync, right?

Some kind of intermediate solution.

I’ve also had issues with library sync as I forgot to do it manually.

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When you return to the deck list after finishing a deck, the sync button changes color as a reminder that a sync is required.

@dae Another option rather than changing the sync protocol is to add location tracking permission. This would override the termination of background services running. You would probably also need to add a feature to justify the need for location tracking though. Maybe a map that shows where you studied in the last X time periods.

TL:DR, As a side effect of turning on location tracking, background connections will no longer be interrupted.

Anki should not join those programmes that demand location information without good reason.

I’m afraid I agree - I don’t want to collect PII, and it would run the risk of angering Apple for misusing their background permissions.