iOS AutoSync - what's the status?

It looks like every comment on this subject has been closed. How is it so, so difficult to Auto Sync for Anki when literally any other app I have autosyncs? I feel like it’s such a crucial feature. The number of times I haven’t autosynced and started the deck elsewhere and lost progress is innumerable.

This very, very basic feature would be a game changer in terms of user experience. I don’t understand how this is not a priority? Especially for an app that’s a paid app, I really hope this can be addressed.

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Anki syncing is long, so maybe Apple will interrupt it.
Instead, it is possible if you customize Apple’s shortcut to show a notification to sync when you close and open Anki.(Well, it’s a bit complicated.)

1.Apple Shortcuts
3.Tap Plus icon
4.Create Personal Automation

6.App → Anki Opened[ON] is Closed[ON]

9.Add Action
10.Searh [Show Notification]
11.Input text [ anki://x-callback-url/sync ]
12.Tap the arrow icon beside the text

15.Ask Before Running[OFF]

Tap the notification and then tap the URL scheme to synchronize.
If you encounter any problems, restart your iPhone and turn off automation.

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Unfortunately, it is not easy to address. iOS doesn’t have a concept of closing and opening an app like computer OSes do, and iOS won’t let the app run for more than 30 seconds when you switch away from it. Syncing in the background while the app is in the foreground would be one solution, but that requires major changes to the current sync protocol and study screen, and it’s not something I’ve had time to look into yet I’m afraid.

While not a solution, if you were not already aware, the color of the sync button changes when a sync is pending.

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