Scheduled sync on Desktop


I would like to have the option to schedule a sync in the desktop Anki everyday at a given time. My use case:

I like to use Anki (on my phone) in bed when I wake up. In order for that to work, I need to remember, before going to sleep, to sync my desktop Anki. But, sometimes, I forget it. So, I would like to have Anki automatically sync at 10pm (that’s, for sure, after me last review on PC).

The autosync when closing Anki is not an option, because I never close Anki (I don’t turn off the PC, and I always have a card in the making). This addon could be a workaround, but it breaks cards that are being edited.

I think this is also useful for a large public. People usually have recurrent times when they are out of home, when they use anki on their phones, and there is always this necessity of “remember to sync before leaving home”. If it was possible to schedule a sync, this problem would largely be solved. I already saw multiple comments of that kind. For example, this comment on reddit:

I use Anki on a few different computers/devices, and it’s super frustrating when I forget to sync/close Anki on my computer before leaving, and then my phone has no way to update itself with the progress I made on the computer, so while I’m out I can either redo everything I did at home, or simply not review until I get home…more than once I’ve had to make a trip back to my house JUST to close Anki on the computer because I knew I’d be out all day and wanted to review.


I’ve never used this, but perhaps this addon can help: Autosync 2.1 - AnkiWeb

Thanks for the answer. This is the addon that I mentioned. The problem with it is that it can cause loss of data, as explained in the addon description. Also, as warned in this comment:

Had to uninstall it, after I ended up losing a lot of data I entered in a card during “edit mode”. If you create cards where you manually type in a lot of data or regularly edit cards, I would avoid this app, as you will lose a lot of data and it can be very frustrating.

This would be a problem to me, because I frequently leave notes open to be completed later.

I believe the newer versions of anki can sync with the dialogs open so it shouldn’t be an issue. I’d test it though

Interesting, thanks.

Anyway, I just came up with a workaround. Using an automation program to send a sync shortcut (Y) to Anki everyday at 10pm. I have 0 knowledge about programming, but this is easy to do.

I will post this tip on reddit.