Auto syncing every once in a while

Does Anki auto syncs besides when it opens/closes?
What happens if I forget syncing, leaving the app open for a few days and suddenly my computer crushes. I know it would be saved as a backup, but what would happen if I won’t restore it and then just keep adding cards? would I lose all the data and progress I’ve made before the crush?
Or does Anki do any auto syncing every once in a while?

Anki doesn’t sync without a trigger. The sync feature is designed for keeping your progress synchronised across various devices. As you said, there is a different mechanism for backing it up and these backups can be stored on separated data carriers.
But the triggers for synchronisation are the same as for creating backups. So if you tend to keep Anki opened for so long you should really make a habit out of pressing Y every now and then.
There are also add-ons for automating this, but whether they can be trusted is another matter.

I’m not sure I understand the second part of your question, but surely you could restore from a backup and also import any new cards added in the meantime.

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Thanks a lot!
I guess I’ll just use the Y button from now on