Anki/mac OS: No backup on sync


according to the documenation, Anki is supposed to create a backup file on sync. It seems to have worked for quite a long time, but after upgrading to a certain version it seems to have stopped working. Using “sync” or the keyboard shortcut doesn’t create another backup file. However quitting Anki and restarting it creates a backup file just fine. I didn’t take notice as I have Anki often running for a month or two without actually quitting it, just syncing from time to time. So it would be nice to have that “backup on sync” working again.


Recent versions don’t close the collection on a regular sync, so no backup is triggered. We’ll probably want to add this back or add some sort of periodic backup for long running uses, but in the mean time you can trigger a backup without closing Anki by pressing cmd+shift+p then enter.

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Would be great, to have that functionality back again, doing backups on sync. Maybe it could be made into a configurable option in the Preferences in case there is a reason why most of the users didn’t like that feature. Using the “switching profile” shortcut isn’t as handy, as it drops you out of a current study sessions, whereas “sync” (shortcut “y”) could be used within a running study session.
So I’d vote for bringing that function back - even if only as a configurable option as mentioned above.
Anyway, thank you for your prompt reply and for your continuing effort to improve Anki!

I entirely agree.
I used to sync before doing important changes that may break the collection, or when i took a pause. I just realized after kind of breaking my collection again that I had no recent back-up, contrary to what I expected.
I have yesterday back-up, but it didn’t have the last 4 hours of reviews.
So yeah, having a way to do back-up regularly is really something I miss

Somehow, if you sync, you still have a backup, don’t you? You can just force sync one-way to “restore” the backup. It doesn’t work so well if you do modifications on the other end, but if you just sync before starting working on your collection, you presumably didn’t also work on the other end (ie. you didn’t modify the synced collection).

Improvements to backups are coming in the next beta.

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