Starting off with deck imported from Fluentcards

Please can you help me. I have converted the vocab file from my Kindle to an ANKI basic file in Fluentcards ( ). I have named this file Eiserne Gustav 19 April. I have added this ANKI basic file to my ANKI account and then gone to the Decks screen where I can see my deck displayed as Eiserne Gustav 19 April.

I then click on this and get a screen which says the following:

’ Congratulations! You have finished this deck for now.

If you wish to study outside of the regular schedule, you can use the ⁨custom study⁩ feature.’

But I haven’t started studying it yet – in fact I haven’t started used ANKI at all yet to study with. I left it a day before trying again, but I still get the same message

Can you please tell me what I can do to start studying my deck of cards?

Many thanks


Click the gears button to the right of the deck name in the main screen, then Options, and make sure that the New cards/day setting value is non-zero.

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