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hello everyone , so i have my first religious studies exam coming up in less than a month in which the 4 subtopics are Christianity beliefs , Christianity practices and the same for islam. i had previously finished flashcards for islam beliefs with all the content and exam questions and quotes i needed to remember. I had gone to go and revise them and they had disappeared which showed this (number 1)

i had used every youtube video there is and used the help centre for anki and nothing is working , i dont have the time to remake the flashcards as i had spent 2 months making them as detailed as possible.

I had tried to make a custom study but had also come up with this (number 2)

literally NOTHING is working and i literally want to cry

You said you finished your cards so the number of new cards is now zero. Increasing new card limit would not help in your case. If I’m not wrong you still have your cards. It’s just the case that none of them are available for study (Please remember that Anki is a scheduler so it decides by itself when you review your cards). Did you check your card browser? I think the cards are still in the deck.

Anki allows you to create custom study sessions which you can use here. Just don’t increase new card limits. That won’t work. Use review ahead which would prepone your cards (in the custom study deck) so you can review things before the date they are scheduled for.

Also, Read The Manual whenever you get free time.

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Your cards haven’t disappeared. Anki's not showing me all my cards! - Frequently Asked Questions

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how do i make custom study sessions

Click and hold on a deck. You can see the option that says Custom Study. It’s basically a filtered deck created with pre-filled search IIRC.

what do you mean click and hold on a deck

Ah I’m sorry I forgot you were asking about desktop. I don’t know how that works. AFAIK AnkiDroid, the Android app supports custom decks which is basically a filtered deck but with pre-filled searches. You don’t really need those anyway. Just create a filtered deck in desktop.

You can create a Custom Study session/deck from the button at the bottom of the deck-page, and Filtered deck from the Tools menu. They are essentially the same thing except Custom Study has a menu of options to choose from. Filtered Decks - Anki Manual

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