Specific topics first in a deck

Hi, how can I learn all the cards from a deck that contain a specific theme? I only use Anki on the iPad and when I’m looking for a specific topic in the browser, I can find all the cards on the respective topic, but I can’t put them on the stack first to learn, I can only edit them. I would like to make sure that I learn the cards for certain topics first and then learn the rest of the topics that are not so important. Is it possible to put specific topics from a deck at first?

Thank you for your help!

Use tags for your topics and then use filtered decks for reviewing according to tag/topic (Filtered Decks - Anki Manual).

I used tags, but how can I put all cards with the most important topics first, so I can start learning a new deck only with these topics?

Please see the link („Study by card state or tag“)

To elaborate: ‘custom study’ will let you create a temporary deck that only includes cards matching certain tags. You will then be able to study the important cards by themselves, before you switch over to your regular deck(s).

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