Creating Permanent Decks Using Tags


I’m fairly new to anki but I’m trying to use it to study for my board exams. I have the anKing decks preloaded. All the cards have been tagged based on the study source that they reference (i.e. Emboss, Boards & Beyond, First Aid, Bootcamp, etc.). Well I’m predominantly using Bootcamp right now and want to organize the cards based on the subjects in Bootcamp. The cards have already been tagged with their corresponding subject, however, there is some overlap. For example, one card might have a tag for both hematology and another tag for microbiology. I know that I can create a filtered deck using these tags. However, I don’t want them to disappear back into their original deck. I’d like for them to be permanent decks. I also want to make sure that a card containing multiple tags for different subjects doesn’t only appear in one of the subjects.
I can’t figure out if there is a way to duplicate all of the cards with a particular tag and then just copy/transfer them into a permanent deck. I’ve attached a picture that shows the set up for tags. So I’d like to make a separate deck for all the cards that have the ‘01_Cell_Biology’ tag and so on and so forth with each individual subject area.

I know that I can just select all the cards and select ‘change deck’. However, this will continually sort some of the cards that have multiple tags into whatever the newly created deck is and, therefore, remove it from other relevant decks that I want it to be included in as well.
Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Unfortunatelly, it is not possible to have one card in two decks. I cannot recommend to duplicate cards because then you will learn one information twice which is wasting of your time.

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