Learn a subset of a deck

I have this HSK deck and I want to just learn hsk1 and hsk2 for now. I’m not sure what the best way to do this is.

I can either create a custom study session but there can only be one of those live at a time? Cards are returned to the main deck when I’m done.

Or I can create filtered decks based on the tags (say hsk1) and study those. There too cards are returned to the main deck and I have to rebuild to get them back.

In both cases I have the feeling that this breaks the general flow and dosage of how the app is supposed to be used? I guess cards store their durations on themselves (deck independent) but rebuilding a filtered deck just takes all the cards and that’s not correct is it?

Am I missing anything? Would I get a better experience if I duplicated the deck and then hard deleted everything I don’t want so that each subset has a native home?

You can search for the cards with particular cards in the browse screen, then move them to a separate deck - they will remain there until you move them again. Another option is to search for the cards you don’t want to study, and suspend them until you’re ready to study them.

Oh wow. The suspend option does what I need and now the review numbers finally make sense.