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Learning new cards by tag and discarding some

(Edit) I’m sorry, I assumed that no behavioral changes were in the new version that would affect this, but it may not be so after all, I’ll inform myself a little more thoroughly. Still, because I’m technologically illiterate and don’t want to use 2 separate anki installations or upgrading up and down to test it, it would be extremely appreciated if someone confirmed for me whether my problem is solved with the newest version or not

Hello! I’m truly sorry if this has been asked before already. I have a problem related to learning cards selectively (not reviewing)
I’m still on Version ⁨2.1.40 to preserve compatibility with a certain addon, but I assume no major mechanism has changed that would affect this problem in the newest version (2.1.44)

Basically, I have a vocabulary deck and cards in them that I tagged “priority” in order to learn them first. When I don’t use a filtered deck/custom study, all types of cards are given to learn for me, and if I decide that I don’t want to learn a card yet after all, I can use bury or suspend and that card is then automatically “replenished” by another one to match the set daily learning limit. But when I use custom study/filtered decks, although only the type of cards I chose (for example only cards with tag “priority”) are given for me to learn, if I I bury or suspend one they are not automatically replenished. And if I use “rebuild”, although they’re replenished, the learning state of all cards is reset (from learning → new).

What do I need to do so that only the suspended/buried card is replenished in order to match my card limit or how can I avoid that a card’s learning state is reset when rebuilding? I also considered manually learning the necessary amount of cards afterwards (for example if the filtered deck’s card limit is 20 cards, and I discarded two of them, I would set the card limit to 2 and rebuild to match my personally set daily card limit), but the number of cards in one session, or, the interval until a previously seen card is shown again is drastically reduced that way and I dislike that

Could someone tell me what the nature of my problem is and what I should do? Thank you very much in advance!

Sounds like your learning cards were reset, which was fixed in the 2.1 scheduler.

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