How to avoid rebuilding filtered decks to skip learning cards steps?

As the title says, i recently changed my steps for new cards to 10 60 1440 so that after i get it right the second time it goes to the next day. Unfortunately if i use a filtered deck for these new cards, when i rebuild it, it automatically include those cards ahead of time, skipping the steps even with learn ahead of time = 0 in preferences. (i often rebuild the filtered deck that i use in order to study cards that i added while reviewing).

I thought of filtering out learning cards from this filtered deck but i also want to still review those according to their steps

tldr: rebuilding a filtered deck skips new cards learning steps, how to avoid it?

first of all, you need to stop adding new cards so you can finish the cards that are in the learning phase, once you have done this you press control+p then the prefrences window pops out you go schudiling and chose
once you’ve done this you won’t face this problem anymore
ps: there is this video that explains it very well check it out

I’ll change the behaviour of is:due to only include learning cards up to the learn-ahead limit in the next update.


What if the Limit is Zero ? Would it work?

Oh thank you this is exactly what i was looking for. Thank you very much! I don’t want to sound demanding but is there any ETA?

You can try a beta over here: Anki 2.1.34 Beta

Vit: that would mean only learning cards already due are included.

This is awesome, thank you