Spanish ñ when creating new card

how do i get a spanish ñ when creating a new card, holding down the n just puts a long row of ns doesn’t give the chance to choose option 1 or two. Thanks

If you’re going to be writing Spanish a lot it’s worth adding a Spanish keyboard layout. On most you can type a ~ followed by N to get ñ, and it also has shortcuts for other characters (e.g. é) plus Spanish spellchecking, autocorrect, etc. You’ll then have a shortcut to switch between keyboard layouts. Otherwise you’d need to look up the shortcut for your current set up - on Mac, for example, ⌥+N, N will give you an ñ. You can also add an ‘English International’ layout that gives you more convenient shortcuts for foreign glyphs. On some platforms you can also enable language detection so that spell check can guess what language you’re using and you don’t need to switch layouts.


Some more info: Adding/Editing - Anki Manual