Sound Sisters Kanji Pronounciation Cards

Cure Dolly made a Kanji deck which I have downloaded into a brand new Anki download on my laptop. I can not tell a lie, it was very much a struggle. When computers first came out I could help people to navigate any server while on the phone. But those days no longer exist.
I want to add the directions on Dolly’s site but last night I finally shut the computer down and I can’t find them.
They are what seems like basic insructions to follow to add the sound to the cards she made and any card I might make in the future. As a beginner in Japanese I can not tell you how much I need this.
I assumed that if I downloaded the sound it would just automatically download onto the cards as she made them. lol But is it that easy?
From making enough space on the tiny Stream (again a struggle), to figuring out things to this point I have wasted 3 days of patience. Ugh
Can somebody please help me with exact directions needed to add the sound to the cards Dolly has already made?
I can give a few links to the pages that Dolly talks about the cards if needed.
Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this and help me figure this out.
The Magic of Sound. Auto-add audio to Anki via Rikaisama