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I have a problem with Sort field which is when i have cards by other lanuage and I want to arrange these cards in alphabetical order for this language, it does not happen, while another friend I sent him a copy of my deck of cards and he had the order correctly, knowing that our language settings are the same, where could be the problem?

Other Question: in phone by Change Display order then that choose No Sorting, My Question is: How can i do that in PC?

Use the reposition tool to make them show alphabetic order: Browsing - Anki Manual

Display Order guide: Deck Options - Anki Manual


About the second question: (your ankidroid could be the latest stable version which was released 2y ago, there are alpha releases more up to date, beware that might contain bugs/crashes)

Unfortunately to use reposition tool is not solution, i tried with it but i have to arrange them first by my self then that use repetition tool, I have 80K Cards, It is Impossible to arrange all of them by my self,I want way to arrange them automatically with alphabetic order, and as i said: Anki Arrange with Alphapetic order automatically with English Only, other language no support.

I didn’t get your point, also to make it more sure

I am asking about Change Display order like this in Phone version, where can i find it in PC?

That was dumb of me, sorry about that

did an experiment: if your cards are from the same note type, and you only display “Note”, it will display the same order as No sorting (in mine, it matched the first 5 cards)

*You can activate this display order options by right click on the location of Note (any location in this horizontal line_

This would be a great feature to add for language learners, one thing is to review them in alphabetic order which can be detrimental to learning, the other is to be able to see them the browser

1- for my it is like this, and i am using all of that, but still i can not find No sorting asi could to find in the phone.

2- Is there a way to activate alphabetical order for other languages؟ this is very important to me

Maybe this is related: Sorting should produce a more alphabetical order

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I have read this article, and it deliberately converts letters from other languages into Latin letters, but why does the author seem to be doing this conversion manually, and the same idea of ​​converting letters into numbers as well, and it has temporary manual solutions, but I am looking for an automatic solution, I have cards There are 81,000 words in Cyrillic characters, and it is not logical for me to convert them all manually

I linked to that post to let you know it’s a known issue and there is an open ticket for it.

It was only an example to show the issue. The author is not suggesting a manual solution.

(I’m curious how in AnkiDroid “no sorting” results in an alphabetic sort and whether this is deliberate)

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I wrote an add-on to tackle this for fun:


Thank you so much

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