Card sorting in Card Management

Hi Community,

if I look into my Card Management (Kartenmanagement) and press the card sorting after alphabet, there are always some mistakes. So all in all it is sorted after the alphabet, but some cards are at the wrong position. Even if I delate the first words of the card and write them new, the problem is still the same. I have the latest version of Anki for mac and the problem has been the same in the versions before (but maybe a year ago it wasn’t).
Is there something I can do?

Thanks for your help!

I assume you are sorting the “Sort Field” column? Are the sorting issues perhaps related to the user of non-Latin text, such as text with umlauts?

It is the Sort Field column, that’s right. Unfortunately it is not related to not-Latin text. The problem appears even with numbers.
E.g. it is sorting “1a”, then “5”, then “1b”, then “2”, then “3”, then “4”.

The sort field can only sort numbers in natural order if they are pure numbers, without any other characters.

Does it mean that it will sort “Hello 2 apple” before “Hello 1 book” because it ignores the numbers? Or should it be possible here because of the blank space?

If anything other than a digit is in a field, it is sorted alphabetically.

okay, thanks!

I can’t get alpha only to sort correctly. Can you elaborate and let me know what I am doing wrong?

I am trying to use ANKI for the same purpose. Did you find an index methodology that works in anki?

I know that sorting column issues in the card browser have been reported in the past but wanted to bring it up again. Below is an example of the erratic behavior of the sorting algorithm.

I use only numbers and dots right now for the index. So i make it without letters in between. Than it works.