QUESTION: Does Anki sort decks in alphabetical order only?


My question refers to both AnkiMobile and AnkiApp on PC.

I have configured decks with the following names:

  • RYI::1 One,
  • RYI::2 Two,
  • RYI::11 Eleven.

Anki shows a proper tree structure, but sub-elements are presented in an incorrect order.
I expect: 1 One, 2 Two, 11 Eleven
Now I have: 1 One, 11 Eleven, 2 Two

How can I fix it?

You can pad the numbers with zeroes:

  • RYI::01 One,
  • RYI::02 Two,
  • RYI::11 Eleven.

Thanks, of course yours solution works very well.

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