Having trouble organizing my sub decks

I’m using Anki on my MacBook Pro. In my deck “Warrior Trading Starter Course” I want all my chapters to be in numerical order. But Chapters 12, 13, and 14 are above Chapter 1!!! There’s not supposed to be a chapter 10 and 11 in here by the way - that was intentional. So how do I get them in order???

I also wanted the deck “Warrior Trading Pro Course” to be below the deck “Warrior Trading Starter Course.”

How do I do this???

Subdecks are sorted alphabetically.
A possible solution is to prepend the subdecks names with ascending alphabetic characters so that they look like the following:

a. Chapter 1: ...
b. Chapter 2: ...

The easiest solution is to pad zeros. So chapter 01, 02, etc. If you think you will go above 99 chapters, then pad two zeros 001,002, etc.

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For the second part: Just change the name of the Deck you want to be the subdeck to
in your case rename
Warrior Trading Pro Course
Warrior Trading Starter Course::Warrior Trading Pro Course

You may find it easier to drag a deck on top of another one instead of renaming it.

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