Can't rearrange subdecks in desired order after the first 9 subdecks

So I am new to anki but I have looked at tons of videos and online resources and I can’t seem to figure out how to reorder my subdecks in the order I want. For example I wanted to have the parent deck be the name of the book ie Behavioral Sciences and then have multiple subdecks in order by increasing chapter from Ch 1 to Ch 12. For some reason when I get to chapter 10 no matter what I try it goes to the top of the subdecks. I was wondering if this was a default setting where with each addition of another number it automatically gets placed on top of the subdeck? And if there would be a way for me to somehow change this so I can put the chapters in the correct order? Any help would be appreciated… I hope question makes sense.

you can use 01, 02, 03 … 10
if the 0 bothers you you use these names:
<div 01>Ch 1</div>
<div 02>Ch 2</div>
<div 10>Ch 10</div>
these don’t look good on mobile devices tho and some people say that it might cause problems (?) in future versions of anki. (have been using this to change color of some decks for quite some time now, had no problem yet)


Thank you so much!!! Cheers

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