How to move deck below an existing deck

Someone could help me? I am trying to add a subdeck to this deck “Bases de datos” underlined in yellow. I want it to be organized from 1 to 10, but for some reason (has never happened before) when I create the new deck using “::” it goes below “Tema 1” underlined in red. I need to be below “Tema 9” in blue. I have tried dragging too but when i do that, it goes inside deck “Tema 9” and i don’t want it inside a deck other than “Base de datos”. I also tried on anki app in my pc and anki web.
Thank you in advance.

The sorting checks the leftmost digit first.
Since 10’s leftmost digit is 1, Anki puts TEMA 10 before TEMA 2 (whose leftmost digit is 2 > 1).
Similarly, if you had e.g. a deck named TEMA 100, it would be placed after TEMA 10 and before TEMA 2.

A possible workaround is to add a 0 in place of the tens: i.e. instead of TEMA 1, TEMA 2, TEMA 3 to write TEMA 01, TEMA 02, TEMA 03 etc.


Thank you so much!!

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