Some cloze cards not appearing on study mode/browse

Recently, some cloze cards are not appearing during the study mode (content enclosed in that cloze is just gone) or as a cloze card under its deck. If I edit the card content, the content is there but it doesn’t appear anywhere outside of the edit card function. Please help thanks!

Can you post screenshots of the card template, the styling, and the HTML source of the fields?

I’m not too sure how to get the HTML source of the fields. But the add-on I’m using is the extended editor for field for tables searchreplace.

Thanks for the screenshot. I assume this is the way it looks like when you review the card?

You can get to the HTML source of the card by selecting the filed in the card browser and pressing Ctrl + Shift + x or by clicking on the <> button on the top right of a field.

The card template and styling can be reached by clicking on the cards button in the card browser.

Since all of these can affect your card appearance, it would be helpful if you posted screenshots of them as well.

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This is the way it looks on the editor add-on, when reviewing the cards, the content simply just doesn’t appear.

HTML source: I have attemped the shortcut but nothing shows up, perhaps I need to add a shortcut to see the HTML source?

Card styling and template are below of the card just before the missing one.

Thanks for the screenshots :slight_smile:

I don’t see anything in the template or styling section which would result in the white lines that you see when reviewing the card. So we can rule out those as the cause.

Regarding the HTML source of the field, you can also view it by clicking on the <> symbol, which i have highlighted with a red square:

Thanks for the reply! The cloze cards seem to disappear after I edit them mid-review, and it can be resolved if I just re-input all the cloze functions i.e. {{c1::, {{c2::. On review, it shows that " No cloze found on card".

Also, my editing screen seems to differ from yours, I don’t have the <>, sorry for the hassle!

I’ve highlighted the button with a red square. You can left click on it to display the HTML source:

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