Cloze type cards problem

Since the last upgrade I’ve got some problems with the cloze type cards. When I study them I also see the “hidden” part. I mean, I can see the {{cloze:Text}} part on the front side of the card! I tried downloading Anki on another computer and it still doesn’t work, but it’s ok on my phone…

can you share your card template editor view?

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I don’t know how to do it…

press Edit on that card. then press Cards... from there you can take screenshots and share them here or copy the text in Front Template, Back Template and maybe Styling and share them here.

change cloze:1:Text to cloze:Text see if this solves your problem.


Yes!! Thank you very much!!

no problem :slight_smile:

Hello ! I’ve got the same problem and tried to do what you said but it still didn’t work :confused:

Does someone have any idea how I can fix that ?

Thank you in advance !

You should remove everything except {{cloze:Text}} from the left side.

Thank you, it worked !