[SOLVED] Lost Easy/Hard buttons in mid-study [2.1.49 and 2.1.51(Qt5) on Windows 11 Pro]

I was in the middle of studying on my desktop when suddenly none of my cards displayed the Easy/Hard buttons anymore. (All of my cards are reviews, no new cards.)

The iPhone version is fine, still has Again/Hard/Good/Easy.

I restarted Anki, then restarted my PC. Still the same situation. I don’t have any Add-Ons or tweaked Options that would mess with the Hard/Easy buttons.

OS: Windows 11 Pro
Versions: 2.1.49 (then updated to) ⁨2.1.51,Qt5⁩


  • Anki Zoom
  • Ankimote - remote to control Anki from your phone
  • Image Occlusion Enhanced for Anki 21
  • load balancer
  • Migaku Anki Add-On
  • Straight Reward

Has anyone else had this issue and been able to solve it? Thanks in advance.

Migaku addon does this.