Anki not displaying easy or hard buttons on review ahead mode (IPadOS)

Hi everyone.

I tried to review ahead some cards on Anki IPadOS and I noticed that, in that mode, neither Easy nor Hard answer buttons would be displayed (only Wrong and Good buttons are there for me to tap). I recorded a video on this issue expecting to be able to send it to an Anki Support team or something, but I was told it would be recommended to post it here instead:

Is it supposed to be like that? If it is an issue, can anybody check that?

You are using the old scheduler, so that is normal. You may want to consider updating via the latest computer version: The Anki 2.1 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

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Thanks for the response, dae.

Two more questions though:

  1. the FAQ says that in case I’m using an older version of Anki, all cards in learning will be reset. What exactly does that mean? I mean, I’m ok with changes as long as their existing due dates remains the same.

Ps.: I’m using desktop version 2.1.35 and I have no intention to update, as I’m using an add on that I believe it is not compatible with newer versions of Anki.

  1. If I got everything right, I’m supposed to run the proccess on the desktop version so that the changes on the scheduler will take place on any device I’m currently using (including my IPads). Is that correct?

You don’t appear to be using long learning steps, so nothing should be reset if you update at the end of a study session, when no cards are waiting to study. And yes, that’s correct.

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