Hide Easy and Hard Buttons (Support Thread)

This will act as the support thread for Hide Easy and Hard Buttons addon.

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I like the idea behind the extension, but would like to see extended support for previous versions of anki. I am using Version 2.1.15 (442df9d6). But this extension doesn’t want to install on my system. Can you please support the entire 2.1.* versions of anki?

Hey there,

I tested it on 2.1.0 and everything worked fine so I have adjusted the addon page to support 2.1.0-2.1.38+. You should be able to install it now.

Hi there. Thank you for the add on. Unfortunately I can’t use it for a functional reason.
I’m big on keyboard shortcuts. You can see where I am going with this.

I just tried your add on on new cards. Only two buttons show up, Again and Good (as intenteded by the add on).
However… hitting “3” on my keyboard made me progress to the next card.

My guess is that even if the buttons for Hard and Easy don’t show, they are still active, and pressing “3” on a new card actually is the same as pressing “Easy”.

I think this should be investigated and fixed for one reason: the shortcuts behave differently depending on cards. On a new card, pressing 1 is Again, 2 is Good, and 3 is Easy. On cards being reviewed, 1 is Again, 2 is Hard, 3 is Good, and 4 is Easy.
As a user, if you want to hit “Good” you would know if it’s 2 or 3 visually, by seeing the Hard button appearing or not. But since your add on only makes the buttons disappear but seemingly doesn’t deactivate their function, then as a user I lose the ability to know if I should press 2 or 3 for Good.

For me, this unfortunately makes the plugin more trouble than not having it. Now, I don’t want to sound entitled, I am very thankful that you put this up for free. I only wish to raise to you what I consider to be a big issue with the add on as of now.

No easy solution for this one, I guess you could force 2 as a Good shortcut and disable shortcuts for Hard and Easy, or something along those lines. Ideally, Anki would have consistent shortcuts for Good, rather than adaptive shortcuts. Maybe I can find my way around it in the settings.

Hi, is it possible to make the same thing but to change “again” and “good” by “previous” and “next” without time spacing per cards but time spacing by deck ?
Thanks in advance

there is a bug. Although the “text” appears correctly, the card’s time is difficult.

Addon has been removed.

Why would you delete it? I was looking for a replacement for the MIA addon, and I thought I had found it just to see it deleted for no reason, there’s a lot of people who want this including me.

Made an account just to say that someone created a replacement addon:
https:// ankiweb .net/shared/info/876946123

links aren’t postable, so please remove the spaces

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