Since Update on 23.12.1 Anki shows no new cards

Hallo Anki-Community,

since I updated Anki on 23.12.1-qt6. Anki does not show any new cards although it is set in the options. In order to study the new cards I have to use Ankidroid on my phone.

What is going wrong?

I thank in advance for any advice or explanation.

best to all

Please see The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your explanation.

Am I right: This feature of not showing new cards when there are many cards to repeat is still not implemented in the Ankidroid version?

Best to you.

You can enable v3 in AnkiDroid too.
Settings > Advanced > Use the new backend & Use the v3 scheduler.

Don’t let the warning scare you off – it’s very stable. I’ve been using it in 2.16.5 for over 6m with no issues.

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Thank you! I will try that.

All the best



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