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I’m looking for a function where I can display similar or notes with the same content. Does anyone know if there is a function for this?

Happy New Year

Prob will need expand on what you mean

right now can only think of the search tool in the browser
Browsing - Anki Manual
Searching - Anki Manual

Some browser add-ons
Advanced Browser - AnkiWeb
Fastbar- with nightmode support - AnkiWeb
BetterSearch - AnkiWeb

I don’t know if you know the password manager KeePass… but there is for example the function Identical passwords and similarities of passwords and so I imagine the same.
An extension where you can compare the cards from all stacks or only from selected stacks. So that you can also recognize duplicates, if they are not exactly identical. For example, if the sentence structure is different or a spelling error has crept in.
This would allow an easy overview.

I hope you understand now what I mean.

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