Associated cards

Under one of the options ANKI sometimes shows you cards with similar contents together. Or, at least I think I remember finding that option. I want to remove such association. Where is this option found? Thanks.

I’m sorry, I really don’t know what you mean.

If I recall correctly, one of the options for how cards show up is in association for other similar cards. Did I dream that up? For instance, it often happens that similar cards show up back to back in my studies.

The closest options that comes into my mind are:

  • “Bury Siblings”: allows you to bury (ie. suspend for a day, that is, this card is not going to be shown at least before the next day) cards that are bound to the note of the cards you review.
    For instance, if a note α creates two cards, A and B, then when I review A, it will bury B, under some circonstances. This option seems the opposite of the one you are looking for, but somehow close
  • “New Cards Order”: the order in which new cards are picked from a deck, you can choose between sequentially or at random, and, if you choose sequentially, unless you rearrange them by hand, you will probably get similar content cards together (because they were created one after the other).

Does any of these ring a bell?

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Thanks, I am back from my week away and can respond to your suggestions. Yes, I do understand the points you make about siblings. My question is a little different. Why is it that cards with same photo, or some similar content, tend to show up together? And is there a way to prevent this? Many thanks.

They don’t. At least, not in the long run (even if you keep providing the same feedback, due to the fuzz factor). What might happen is simply that you insert into the collection similar cards very close to each other (typically, because they are generated by a single note; or because you add create them in a single session), so when they show up for the first times, they will show up together.

Besides that, if two cards are “similar” just because you think they are (ie. have similar content, similar media) but are not siblings, Anki won’t handle them in a special way. There is no specific code to recognize that two cards are “similar”, so Anki won’t make them show up together more than any other pair, and, conversely, there is no feature that will process specifically these cards.

If you don’t like the current New insertion order, you can always reposition these new cards in the browser.


Many thanks, it must just be either a coincidence (bound to happen working with ANKI for four years or more) or that I used the same photo or materials at the same time. Many thanks, again.