Show more info about deck when deck is clicked

When a deck is clicked, AnkiDroid shows the following information while Anki Desktop just shows the number of due cards.

The ability to quickly view the total number of cards, the total number of new cards and the estimated time required to go through today’s cards is desirable.

So, I would for the addition of this information to the deck screen.


Anki removed the ETA years ago, because it was not very accurate, and people found it daunting when they had a large backlog of cards, which resulted in a high estimated time.

It makes sense.

But, what about the total number of new cards? I regularly check this information on AnkiDroid to adjust the number of new cards that I do from each of my subdecks.

Some way of seeing them is likely to come in the future, as seeing the daily limit without the total tends to confuse new users.