New Cards are not counted in the overview of the deck?

Hey fellow Anki users,
after using Anki for many years without any bugs (thank u Anki :heart_eyes:), I have been facing the following problem for the last couple of days:
When I add new cards to my deck, they are not shown in the overview of the deck. That means, the number displayed in the overview has not changed in days, although I am constantly adding cards.

Here’s what I have already tried:

  1. trying to check if any cards have gone missing.
    Until now, I did not find anything to be missing, but the deck is massive (“officially” 190 cards and as I pointed out, this is an underestimation), I haven’t started learning it - so I just can’t be sure I have enough of an overview to be sure

  2. adding “test cards”:
    I can find them when searching the deck, but I don’t know if maybe older cards are being deleted instead (resulting in the constant number of cards altogether), which I can’t really control because see point 1 (overview)

  3. adding a whole new test desk:
    In this new deck, the cards are being counted correctly. (using a whole new deck for the new cards is not what I want, because learning a massive account of cards in random order is the adequate preparation for the kind of tests I prepare for)

Maybe there is a limit for the card count in the deck overview? (I could not find anything about this).

Altogether, my problem is that I don’t know if Anki is really saving new cards, deleting old ones, or if the deck display is just bugging but all the (old and new) cards are still there (which would mean that there’s no practical problem, but as I explained, I can’t be sure of that with the methods I have at hand). So, I don’t know if it makes any sense to further work with this deck and Anki.

Has anybody had a similar problem or can help me otherwise? My exams are right on the way, so I’d really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’ve just upgraded to scheduler v3, could this explain the situation?

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This could be obvious to you, but the new count in the deck overview is limited by the New cards/day option under the deck options.

You can just click the Browse button at the top of the main screen to see all the cards in the deck.

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Unfortunately, I did not do that update, but thank you!