Shared Deck presets are not saved into apkg file [through Share Deck on AnkiWeb]

I set up presets specific for my shared deck, namely, it disables auto play of the sound by default. I shared the deck via Share Deck feature. Now when I download the deck and import it on a fresh install of Anki, it doesnt import deck presets even when fields are ticked for importing the presets. instead all decks have default preset. Is this a bug?

When exported from pc directly into file. There is no problem with importing the deck presets.

This is working for me when I import into a fresh profile (albeit not tried on a fresh install). When you do it – is your custom preset being imported with the deck, but changed? Or is the preset not being imported at all?

Version ⁨23.12.1 (1a1d4d54)⁩
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.6.1 PyQt 6.6.1

Hi, thats interesting, so in theory it can work then properly. To answer your question: when i import my deck downloaded from Shared Decks, it just ignores the presets as if there were none. On fresh profile, there is just Default preset assigned to each deck and subdeck. No other presets imported.

Version ⁨24.04.1 (ccd9ca1a)⁩
Python 3.9.18 Qt 6.6.2 PyQt 6.6.1

Can you post the link to your deck? What is the name of the preset that you exported with it?

Sure! I’ll link tomorrow, needs 24h before it becomes public

If it will give you a link now – some folks around here might be able to get to it sooner. :shushing_face:

Sure, here is the link. It just says it needs first to give a chance for copyright holders to check it or something. So it will become public in 24h
I can also link to the same deck, but exported directly from my pc, the one that does not have same problem as the one from shared decks. But it doesnt let me to link to google drive here on forum.

Preset names are: Minimal pairs, Subdeck, Sound Pair

You know what? :person_facepalming:t4: I think I’m trying to solve the wrong problem. I just re-read your messages – and you were very clear, but I missed it the first time around. You’re talking about “Share Deck” on AnkiWeb?

I’m sorry it took me this long to catch up with you, but I think I get it now. When you export as apkg/import – and mark for the presets to be exported/imported – everything works correctly, right?

But if I understand correctly (finally) – it sounds like on AnkiWeb, “Share Deck” isn’t even giving you the chance to attach the preset to the deck when you share it, right? Then, I bet the preset isn’t being preserved, and that’s why you aren’t getting it after you download and import.

Being able to export the preset separately from the scheduling is a pretty new feature. I don’t know if there is a plan to add that for public AnkiWeb sharing as well.

I’m going to switch this to a different category, so that @dae and/or @Rumo can see if this is a feature request or a bug.

@Danika_Dakika This is not a bug. That’s how Shared Decks in AnkiWeb work. Neither deck presets nor the scheduling information is included there.

Edit: Hmm… I couldn’t find it in the manual but I think I read it in some website that you can not do it. Including it in might be a good idea.

As you may have seen in my post, this is a new feature in Anki – so before 6m ago, I’m confident anyone could also have said, “that’s how exports in Anki work” too.

While I welcome any relevant links or resources you’ve discovered – you haven’t offered anything. If your opinion is not informed by anything substantial, I’m not sure how it helps in this situation, or why you pinged me to deliver it. I think there are folks who are better situated than you to tell us whether this functionality is envisioned for AnkiWeb – so let’s give them a chance to respond.

I should’ve worded it better, but yes, this is exactly what the problem is. When sharing deck via Ankiweb, it ignores presets the deck has.

And since my minimal pair deck has its own javascript to handle audio playing, auto-play audio feature that is working by default - makes my deck unusable. While I can write a guide for students how to setup presets after downloading, it adds to complexity/inconvenience of setup process which i want to minimise, since there are people who get scared away by too complicated setup processes.

Its very specific problem so if its not something Anki team envisions i totally get that, at the same time, minimal pairs are common in language learning and there are multiple shared decks that try to deal with that problem differently.

For now, in my specific case I can at least host the file somewhere else and link to there so the presets will get imported.

Thank you for helping

I have a lot of decks uploaded there and I’ve redownloaded things from there. That’s how I’ve always known this to work.

Decks shared on AnkiWeb take on the default deck preset when imported into user’s collections, so that users get a consistent experience. If each deck they downloaded behaved based on the deck author’s preferences, it would be confusing. If you’re sharing content for a small group of people like a class you teach and will be able to provide support to them yourself, then you may want to distribute the decks outside of AnkiWeb instead: Contributing - Anki Manual

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I don’t particularly see a problem here, since when importing any deck, “import any deck preset” feature is disabled by default right? and needs a user to manually opt-in by ticking the tickbox. I’d argue, Ankiweb Shared Decks could have author’s presets saved in them and default functionality wouldn’t change and provide same consistent user experience. While also giving an easy opt-in option to experience the deck how author meant it if they want to go for that and dont want to be busy with setting up presets themselves.

  • An option that allows deck authors to not share their presets. I don’t always want people to use the same presets I do.

Thank you for confirming! I’m glad to know you share similar concerns about adding preset-sharing as an option. While there are many excellent deck authors who are conscientious about what they share – there are plenty of folks who would include a preset without thinking and could really complicate things for users.

At the end of the day, I think that having this functionality wouldn’t help you much – and for exactly the reason you gave earlier for not wanting to include setup instructions.

Even if you are able to include your preset in the deck you distribute, you will still have to give clear “How to Import Me” instructions so that users will opt-in to importing your preset. But –

  • There is no way to display those instructions to a user during the import process.
    • Perhaps they still have the deck page open, and will catch your instructions there – but otherwise, they will import your deck, find issues with the audio, and probably give up without looking further.
    • Some users might download decks one day, but install them to check them out another. You’d have no way of reaching them.
  • Even once you get your preset into a user’s collection – plenty of users would want to change it. It is much easier for me to just move a deck to one of my existing presets than try and painstakingly copy all of my options into the preset that came with a deck. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it – especially if there was no indication that I shouldn’t.

Of course, have it on the download page, but for a requirement like this, I think you will be much better served if you talk to the new user directly through an introductory card as well. I have seen those used to great effect.

Your first card should be a brief message that tells a user how to change this one thing in their Deck Options (which is quite easy to do from the study screen, even if they have to clone a preset to do it without disrupting their other decks), and then how to suspend this card so they never see it again.

And if you really want to be clever – pop another card in 3-5 cards later, reminding users that the reason why things aren’t working right is that they need to change this setting! Users who already did it will get to feel proud that they followed instructions. Users who didn’t, will get a chance to fix it now. That’s a win all around.


Thats a great idea, thank you! Definitely gonna make an introductory card!

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