Anki Decks only showing up as misc. file when downloaded?

When downloading a shared deck in W11 Anki v23.12.1, it only shows up as a file unrelated to Anki in any way. Does not show up as eligible file when attempting to select import file. When double clicking - it prompts me to select an app to open the downloaded deck, one of which is not Anki. Any help in navigating this? Looking to use shared decks appropriately to convert to Anki once downloaded. Dropping it in the Appdata folder did not work. Any advice?

Does File → Import not work either?

Shared decks are usually .apkg which is read by Anki automatically

Could you share the link from the shared deck page?

A screenshot of the deck would also be appreciated (to see which file format it is, e.g .something)

won’t be able to help rn, but hopefully someone will

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I agree that it seems likely this a file-problem, not an Anki-problem – so where you got it from is important. However, the easiest way to import a file into AnkiDesktop is to drag it from the File Explorer window, and drop it onto the main screen in Anki.

If it’s an apkg, it will import immediately.

If it’s another supported file-type, it will give you a choose-your-options import window.

And if it’s not a supported file-type, it will give you an error.

This should work regardless of what Windows thinks the right file-types are, because Anki knows what types it can read.

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