Shared Deck Advanced Chinese Vocab & Grammar deck

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Deck name: Chinese IU中文四年级 (无所不谈 - Anything Goes)

Description: This is my flashcard deck to go with Indiana University’s 4th year Chinese advanced course. The subdecks are sorted by daily lessons, most of which are based on lessons come from 无所不谈 - Anything Goes. The vocab are important advanced phrases, words, and grammar structures that our teacher emphasized. There are also some sentences from the Spoonfed Chinese deck that I really love (Spoonfed - AnkiWeb).
Most of the audio recordings are short clips done by me (a native English speaker, so please don’t judge), so feel free to delete them, use Google voice, or better yet add your own audio!
I worked hard to add simplified & traditional characters, collocation words, example sentences, pictures, pinyin, parts of speech, grammar notes, etc, so I hope that these flashcards can save others some work and help you expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar––it has definitely helped me a lot!