Share a deck with only one person

Starting point:
I am in the process of creating a deck for someone:
Foreign language to learn: German.

I don’t want to “publish” this deck, lessons much too small, every week about two more lessons.
What do I have to do so that the person can download my created lessons to his desktop?

Thanks, Peter
El Salvador

You could browse the German deck’s notes; highlight the notes you have created and then right click and select export and send the exported file to person via email and they can import the file into a corresponding deck on their computer. Or if file is too large for email then use something like dropbox.


Hi dennismajor1,
Thank you very much for your superfast answer.

Before I do that, one question:
I use a Windows computer, she uses a Mac.
Will there be any problems if I send her the file by email?

Thank you, Peter

I doubt it since Anki developers would want compatibility of decks across platforms.

If she has downloaded the Anki desktop app on her Mac then you can simply try sending her the exported file and see if she can import it.

Not having done this before I don’t know if she will have to create a deck name matching your’s or not. My guess is that she will not. I would first try to import it as is and see what happens.

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I’ll inform you next week if it works,

Thank you. I’d appreciate knowing the final outcome.

dear dennismajor1

A small addition to my question:
In the meantime, I’m no longer sure whether it’s a good idea to send a modified deck, extended by quite a few vocabulary words, by e-mail,
Because then the “learning successes”, progress, would be deleted, and the user would have to start learning all over again.
To avoid this, I would have to create sub-decks: Lesson 02 = sub-deck: 02, Lesson 03 = sub-deck: 03 ect.
However, this would have the disadvantage that in the course of an estimated 9 months the number of sub-decks would increase to about 100.
I have read that one should avoid creating many sub-deck in Anki.
On the other hand:
the user will only use this one deck in Anki.

An alternative could be that I allow the user to access my Anki account, I can trust her.
I have no idea if this is even possible.
However, in that case there would be a possibility that the user would accidentally delete my decks.
I could minimize the risk by creating an extra account.

It would be nice if you could give me some advice.

Thanks, Peter El Salvador

PS.: Dear dennismajor1
are from Austria?
(would make it easier for me to answer, question in German as my English is very rusty.)

This suggestion assumes your client is technically adept enough to be able to highlight and move notes between one deck and other

So my suggestion is to create a new deck on your machine named for instance ‘New_German_Words_Move_Me.’

Now go to your development deck and browse it and click and then highlight any new notes then right click again with the cursor still on the highlighted notes and find the 'Move Deck command. This command will only move the notes that you highlighted; if none are highlighted I assume it moves all the notes.

Export ‘New_German_Words_Move_Me.’ deck and send it to your client and have them import it and have them reverse the process but without highlighting - right click and move all the notes from the imported deck to her working deck.

The she and you can both delete the temporary deck ‘New_German_Words_Move_Me.’

If a screwup happens Anki does a backup every time you quit the app or perform a synchronize so … If you need to restore a backup go to the menu select file and select Switch Profile and the next menu offers you the opportunity to restore a backup. When I looked at my backups the latest was at the bottom of the listed backups by date. The Anki Manual has a section on backups titled [Managing Files and Your Collection] - The forum editor won’t allow me to include a link.

Finally, I have not tested that existing records in your client’s study deck do not get changed by the move of new notes into it - they shouldn’t in my mind but I suggest you test. The moved cards should show up as new and requiring that they be studied. Hope this helps - helped me :slight_smile: as I learned more about backups.

Finally, no I do not speak German (I’m English Canadian working at my French for my visits to la belle province de Québec) ; I only wish I spoke French as well as you write using English

dear dennismajor1,

Thank you for your detailed comment.
No, the person I’m preparing the deck for has absolutely no idea about Anki, even less than I do.
She doesn’t even have Anki installed on her Mac.
I’ll look a little closer at your hints the next few.

I know subsequent comments may not belong in this forum:
Never mind!
I had the good fortune, more than 30 years ago, to visit both the French and English speaking parts of Canada.
I was very surprised at the time: I hardly ever met people in the French-speaking part who spoke English, and vice versa.
Regarding your wish: to finally speak French better:
Anki offers two excellent add-ons:
DeepL and Awesome TTL Plus, ( now Hyper TTS) the latter costs US$5 per month.
The two add-on are the reason I’m experience at the moment with Anki.
Awesome TTS Plus / Hyper TTS is just unbeatable from my point of you.
Before I used - still use Flashcard Delux.
Just try it out! I am sure you will appreciate both add-ons.

Best regards Peter, El Salvador

There is one thing I forgot to mention:
Whether Google Translator or other tools, they all have difficulty distinguishing between the “formal” and the “informal”.
In English, it is always “you”, in languages like French, Spanish or German there is a big difference.
DeepL at least offers the option of choosing between informal and formal in translation, not in the add-on, but on their web-page.

I would create a second user profile in Anki, with a separate AnkiWeb account. Teacher and Student can share that account and sync with it.

That way, Teacher can add new notes and they will immediately be available to Student. And history/timing/etc. of notes studied will be preserved. Plus, Teacher will be able to see Student’s progress and if particular notes are giving the student trouble, Teacher can create notes to remediate, or even provide direct advice on the topic.

As for formal or informal words, or words with gender (I have both issues with Dutch and Italian in my own studies), when two items in one language have a duplicate field in the other, I indicate the distinction in parentheses, or even better, put the words in phrases so that conext makes them different.

Thank you Peter - I appreciate information re DeepL and Awesome TTL Plus

Thank you Wesley - I’m testing this approach now as I have granddaughter with whom I could share some decks with.

Thanks WGroleau,
That’s sounds great and easy to manage.
Sorry to bother you. It would be very kind of you if you could explain it in more detail.

“create a second user profile in Anki, …” this I know.
a) what do I have to do to create a sperate Anki-Web acoount.
b) what has the student to do to have access to that account.

Thanks Peter El Salvador

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