Select tags for custom study, with an AND criterium instead of OR

  1. I’m making a deck on the phonology of the French language

  2. The deck has many different tags

  3. It seems to me that the only available criterium to pick tags for Custom Study… is OR:

  4. Therefore, if the user wants to view cards that have /a/ AND /b/ in a same syllable, he must manually pick ~30 tags from the “exclude” box:

  5. Is there no way to have a AND, instead of an OR criterium to pick tags?

Is there a way, that the user can just pick the tags “a” and “b”… and then start studying all French cards that have these two letters in a same syllable…as opposed to being obligued to MANUALLY exclude every tag that isn’t “a” and “b”?

Another way to frame this question:
is it possible to pick the tags “a” AND “b”,
instead of picking “a” OR “b” – which, it seems, is the only thing that Anki allows to pick?

Hi @neribr!

The section of the manual which covers searching is where you want to look:

dog cat
finds notes that have both “dog” and “cat” on them, such as “raining cats and dogs”.

You can then use a search to create your filtered deck manually. (see

Good luck!

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Thanks. I wish there was an easy and straightforward way to do it, because while I can do it for myself, users of my deck might not figure it out as easily.

The developer of Anki will probably read this thread, so I wish to leave to him a feature request, to have an option to add tags with an AND criterium, in addition to the current OR criterium that is available from this menu:

By the way, to prevent filtered decks from becoming a mess, the best workaround that I found, was to include only vowel tags (and no other kind of tag):

Because consonant tags overlap with every vowel, and the other tags overlap with every vowel, etc etc etc in sum: the solution that I found to my problem, is to have only vowel tags in the deck. It’s not ideal, but it’s the best thing I’ve found.

By the way, just to illustrate:

This card would have those tags:

  • i

  • p

  • consonant in front

  • consonant clusters: disabled (so it’s just P and not PL or PR, etc).

  • vowelPos:final (as the ‘i’ is in the final syllable of the words)

The tags that aren’t ‘i’ overlap with every other vowel tags, that’s why I need an easy way to make a filtered deck that contains, for example, ‘i’ AND ‘p’ instead of ‘i’ OR ‘p’. (because in the latter example, every other vowel tag gets included in the bunch, since ‘p’ is selected.) I hope my word salad is understandable.

Even if your suggestion is considered by the developer, it would take some time to be implemented. So you might want to arrange with the current possibilities. I think @andrewsanchez 's proposal is quite practicable:

  1. Open card browser.
  2. Shift select (for OR) respectivley Ctrl select (for AND) the appropriate tags.
  3. Copy the search expression.
  4. In the main window, press F.
  5. Insert and hit Enter.
  6. Voilá! :slight_smile:

Maybe also check out the Hierarchical Tags add-on. I can’t say that I perfectly understood your tags problem, but the said add-on allows you to assign tags like “i::p”. Then you can easily search for all notes with an i-tag (i::*, just click the tag in the left tree) or with a p and any vowel-tag (*::p).
Does this help or did I misunderstand you?


Yes, you understood my question. The issue is that I wished for something more accessible, something that is easier and simpler to do: something that people who aren’t computer-savy would be able to do … and in my view, these solutions aren’t easy to follow for someone who isn’t computer-savy.

I can do those things just fine, it’s just that the users of my deck might not be able to figure it out.

In this case, maybe you shouldn’t expect your users to use custom studies, either. Anki is extremely powerful but (consequently) fairly complex as soon as you want to do slightly more than the default stuff.

By the way, I forgot to mention the most important aspect of Hierarchical Tags: They organize your browser. You probably need this when you have tags for every letter of the alphabet just for one deck.

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Yes. The Anki software is quite amateurish compared to that of big companies like Duolingo and Memrise, but Anki is still massively famous, because Anki is the one flashcard software that doesn’t dumb down everything down to the atom size – and therefore, Anki is the flashcard software that actually brings learning and results.