Seeing the same card every day

I have some cards that I’m seeing every day, despite the button being pressed corresponding to an interval of 3 days each time I see the card. The button intervals max out at 3d and despite hitting the 3d button every time, the cards are showing up every day.


Card info (see the 3d interval, but being shown the card every day?):


The card belongs to a filtered deck. Here are the options for that deck:

Is there some configuration/setting I need to be changing so the intervals are respected? If I press “3 days” then I expect to see the card in 3 days, not multiple days in a row.

Also, is there a reason that the Good and Easy intervals are both 3d for these cards? The maximum interval I have set is 36500 which is way more than 3d (see screenshot).

I goofed. Anki and the filtered deck were both functioning as they should have. I needed to add “is:due” to the end of the search terms for the filtered deck in order to restrict only to the cards that were due in the scheduling queue. I was seeing the card every day because I was rebuilding the deck daily. The buttons were showing the same interval because the card wasn’t due yet.

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