Searching Cards and Making Them Due Today

Hi. I have a pre-made vocabulary deck for learning a different language. For that, I have my limits set for both review and new cards. For new cards, the cards are ordered in terms of their frequency of occurrence in the book. However, sometimes while reading I will come across a word that I have not done yet but I easily know. So, I would like to be able to search that card in my deck and make it so I can do it today (without crowding out the cards actually due today). Is there a way to do this? I tried “set due date” and used “0!”, but this didn’t make the card pop up in order to mark it as good.

Thank you.

I do something similar myself.

I mark the card with a flag, and then use a filtered deck to search for that flag. After doing regularly scheduled decks, I do that filtered deck.

I use the pink flag because it is too faint to function as a visual marker in the Browse window listing. So I mark easy new cards with the pink flag, then use a filtered deck with search term flag:5 is:new

There is a keyboard shortcut, which is Ctrl+5, to toggle the pink flag on and off.

The only drawback is that from time to time, I have to remember to clear the pink flag from no-longer-new cards. I can do that with a Saved Search in the left-hand-side sidebar in the Browse window that searches for flag:5 -is:new

Your “set due date” method should still work, although it adds an extra “Manual” entry in the Card Info log listing. If the card doesn’t show up today, it will show up tomorrow. For some reason I seem to remember that with the v3 scheduler the set-date 0! cards only show up tomorrow, but with FSRS it shows up today.

The advantage of the flag method as opposed to doing set-date 0! is that if you flag a very large number of “easy new” cards, you don’t have to do them all today. You can do a fixed number today (using the limit in the filtered deck configuration) and leave the rest for a future day. You have control in deciding when to study the filtered deck. Whereas set-date 0! actually schedules the cards immediately and forces you to do all those cards right away.

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I try to avoid using “Set Due Date” for New cards, because it turns them into Review cards, and skips the learning steps.

You might want to try “Reposition” instead. If you want to see them immediately, and you’re introducing New cards “in order” by their New #, just set them all to 1, and they’ll be at the front of the queue for New cards. I like to see them soon-but-not-immediately, so I just try to keep a general sense of where I am in the queue, and set them for some arbitrary number around there.

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