How to make a new card show up sooner?

I have a large deck with thousands of vocabulary words. I have the new cards/day set to 0. Most days, I just review cards. On days when I want to learn new cards, I use custom study to “increase today’s new card limit”.

Sometimes, I find new words while reading that are in my deck but I haven’t gotten to studying them yet. I want to be able to make them show up first the next time I choose to use the “increase today’s new card limit” feature.
The problem with “set due date” is that it turns new cards into review cards which I end up having to bury multiple times because I don’t have time on that day to learn new cards and just want to review cards I already learned.

Basically, I just want to know how I can move a new card to the front of the queue, while still keeping it as a new card that only appears when I choose to “increase today’s new card limit”.

You can use the reposition command for that.


Thanks! Does the reposition command affect only new cards? Does it do anything to cards you’ve studied already?

Yes, reposition affects only new cards


Even simpler, create another deck…

I too have a long list of words to learn in German which I’ve collected while reading.

But then, I also get a list in my German class that I need to learn now. The others can wait.

So - I have a main deck, which has no cards in it, and two sub decks.

Main German Deck
– German Deck - words to learn now
– German Deck - words to learn when I have time

Thus, I can easily change the number of new cards per day in the two sub decks and learn the words I want to learn today.