Schedule by tag

I don’t know what settings are needed to enact the following study plan.

I have a deck where I learn one group of 20 similar cards per day. Let’s say on Day 1, I learn 20 cards tagged “1”. On Day 2, I learn 20 cards tagged “2” and review the 20 cards from Day 1. This continues like so.

If I always select Good on review, then all the 20 cards from a given tag will always appear on the same day. However, with some marked Hard and some Easy, after several months, I could end up having the Day 1 cards spread out over 20 different days. In my specific case, while I don’t need all 20 cards to be reviewed the same day, it is helpful to have at least a few of them together if they are close in due dates.

One idea would be to identify the tags of all cards due Today and then use a Review Ahead function to add cards with the same tag that are due within the next, say 7 days.

Any ideas of how to accomplish this or something similar that would allow for cards of the same tag with nearby due dates to be reviewed together?

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Even if you only answered Good, the cards would be split up, as Anki deliberately adds a little randomness to prevent cards from appearing in a predictable order. This forces you to recall the cards without the same context, and will lead to stronger memories.

Solution-1:use more per-day Learning steps. After ‘n’ - repetitions you should be able to recall the card without any ‘crutches’.

Solution-2: Add-on “Defuzz…” allows you to remove the Fuzz on low intervals.
Option-3: redesign cards.

Thank you both. I was not aware of the concept of Fuzz. In all my other decks, I agree it is good to have the randomness. It is only in this specific deck that the randomness is counterproductive. This is because many of the cards with the same tag compliment each other in a synergistic way. Randomness would be good within the cards for that particular day so that I don’t just memorize the order instead of the question prompt, but I would miss out on reviewing a more complete picture of the tagged topic if spread out over 20 days versus just a few.

Regarding the specific solutions suggested, the learning process is easy, it’s just the review after several repetitions that I would like to alter. If there is an add-on that would accomplish the learning plan besides just defuzz, please let me know. If there is a card redesign I could follow to implement the learning plan, please let me know what that would be.