Same amount of new cards across my decks

Hello Everyone,

I have been hitting a problem with Anki for a couple of days and it is driving me crazy.
I use both Anki Desktop and Anki Droid but I think the problem is not specific to one or another.
Let’s try to explain it:

I have several decks, using the same deck option (Default).
When I open Anki for studying, everything goes well and each deck has a certain amount of cards to study, divided into New, Learn and Due.

Then I start studying a deck, any of them and the amount of those cards drops which is totally normal and expected.

The problem is that surprisingly, all the other decks are impacted.
In fact, the amount of New and Learn of all the other decks follows the fist deck I am studying.
As for Due cards, they are not impacted.

As you can imagine, this is very harmful because this limits the number of new card I can study daily.

Have you any idea?

Thanks a lot for reading me and see you!

Parent deck limits affect how many cards child decks will show.

Thank you for your piece of advice.

Apparently, the problem was in the parent deck.
I had sevral child decks below one single parent deck.
In this parent deck, I have added some cards, by mistake, instead of adding them in one of the child decks.
I think it was the origin of the problem.

Anyway, I got rid of the parent deck and everything went back to normal.


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