Anki deleting cards in my cue

As I am going through one deck, the number of cards I have due in other decks decreases as well and I have not been looking at them. For example, if I am going through deck A and have 10 cards due with 20 new cards and I go through 5 of the cards due so now my totals are 5 cards due with 20 new cards, Decks B and C which both had well over 5 cards due, will now say that I only have 5 cards due. It is almost like the decks are linking together because when I finish Deck A both Deck B and C say I have no cards due when I have not looked at those decks at all for the day. What can I do to prevent this from happening?

This could be due to sibling burying or a review limit. Do these decks have a common parent deck?

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More info:

Some have a common parent deck and others do not have common parent decks. I also checked to make sure I turned off the burying so hopefully that works. Thank you!