Review times are off

I have used anki for years and my review options have always been 30m again, 6 hr hard, 12 hr good, and 3 days easy. Ever since I updated my desktop version today to the newest version, my review options have started changing. Its extremely inconvenient as I am not learning how I am used to.

My review options vary from 1d again, 1d hard, 1d good, 2/3/4d easy. My first 3 options being the same is pointless. What can be done to fix this? Is this just a bug? FSRS is not on. I also have not changed anything in my settings.

You may used V2 scheduler. With the new Anki version only V3 is supported and V2 is disabled.
V3 scheduler has a little different logic in some areas.

Please double-check the value you see for Again; I suspect it’s not 1d. The v3 scheduler will show 1d if you have a learning step in hours, and the delay would push the card into the next day (eg reviewing in the afternoon/evening with a 12 hour learning step).

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