Reverse cards aren´t working again


I already posted yesterday and thought the problem is solved. But it isn´t. Actually Anki is going crazy now. I created 3 new reverse cards and checked if everything did work properly. And it did. Then I created 20 new reverse cards and suddenly all the cards (Including the 3 cards which worked at the beginning) are the same. So for each Card I got 2 cards but the 2 cards are the same and not reversed as they should be. Wtf is going on here?

Some more information:
Front template:

Back template:

“<“hr id=answer”>” (Without the quotation marks obviously)


Front Template:

Back Template:

“<“hr id=answer”>”


Thanks in advance.

Card 1 and Card 2 look good to me.

Maybe you’re using a few different note types and changed the card template only for one note type that looks good, but another one contains different codes for Card 2 and looks wrong.

Aside of taking screenshots of Card 1 and Card 2 in the card template window to illustrate the problem, maybe find card 1 in the card browser and click Cards to open the card template window and make sure it looks good, then find card 2 in the card browser and click Cards to make sure it looks good too.