Anki reversing cards

I recently started working with Anki on my MacBook Pro (Version 10.11.6). I made my deck and started studying, all was going fine. But after a couple dozen questions deep, the cards started displaying the answer in the question part of the card (the front) and not displaying anything in the answer part (the back of the card). I thought I had possibly entered the info in wrong but when I clicked on edit, the question and answer were in there just as I had put them in. This happened on a few more cards so I downloaded Anki again, restarted my computer and it still does this. Any ideas on how I can fix this problem ? Thanks in advance for any help.

Please check your card templates, and maybe copy the content of both the front and back templates of all card types and post it here.

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Wow, the card template suggestion seems to have worked, so far so good. Thanks a lot for the help, I really appreciate it !!